Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information regarding the municipality’s services for local entrepreneurs and businesses?

Extensive information about the municipality’s services for businesses can be found on the municipality’s website, under the title “Working and Doing Business.” You can also visit the service center for business at city hall.

How can I find out if the business I’m planning to start requires a business license?

A sectioning of businesses requiring/not requiring a business license can be found here. You can also visit the service center for businesses at city hall, or set up a meeting with an information coordinator at the business licensing department.

Who should I turn to after regular city hall operating hours with matters needing urgent attention?

After regular hours, please call our service hotline at 106 Plus. If necessary, service representatives will transfer your call to the appropriate municipal body and will follow up on the handling of your case.

Where and how can I settle my business’s municipal tax, water and signage bills?

Municipal tax, water and signage bills can be settled here, as well as by calling our service hotline or visiting our service centers for businesses at city hall.

How can I obtain a license if my business requires one?

You can apply for a business license at the Information and Licensing Center at the business licensing department. The service center for businesses can provide initial information and set up a meeting with a business licensing department information coordinator.

Am I allowed to set chairs and tables out on the pavement outside my business?

Setting chairs and tables outside is allowed for food vendors only, after they have received a special permit. To procure a permit, apply with the business licensing department. More information on setting tables outside can be found in the application guide here.

Am I as a business owner allowed to close off my terrace for the winter?

In order to do so, apply for a permit for placing a divider with the Information and Licensing Center at the business licensing department. The criteria, conditions and rates for setting up a divider can be found here.

I would like to operate my business after 21:00. What should I do?

For a permit to operate your business beyond the legally authorized hours, apply for a night permit with the business licensing department. Detailed information regarding the criteria and conditions for receiving the permit, the municipal policy regarding night permits, and zone maps with authorized activity hours for different types of businesses, can be found here.

Are food trucks/food vendors legal?

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has a bylaw prohibiting the use of food trucks/food vendors in the city. Due to the heavy traffic and the crowded streets, food trucks/food vendors create the blockage of roads and streets.
Also the city has many restaurants and coffee shops which the use food trucks/food vendors can harm their livelihoods during peak time. For further information please contact the Business Licensing Division

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