Financing Offers

Bank Hapoalim is adamantly dedicated to supporting and empowering small businesses in Israel as a basis for overall economical growth. Bank Hapoalim places at your disposal a unique array of credit funds that focus on small and/or micro-businesses in need of a loan.

One of the main grievances of small businesses is credit shortage and shortage of cash flow. For that reason, Bank Hapoalim has launched a dedicated, simple and accessible program for small businesses with four tracks to choose from.

Bank Hapoalim offers the following financing options:

State-guaranteed small- and medium-business loan fund: Bank Hapoalim won a tender by the Government of Israel for operating the State Guarantee Fund for Small Businesses and will grant loans to businesses that meet its criteria while allowing for less strict collateral requirements.

The fund in conjunction with the Manufacturers Association: Bank Hapoalim, in conjunction with the Manufacturers Association, launched a dedicated credit fund that provides credit at preferential conditions for small business who are members of the Association. The Fund is designed for expanding the business and investing in equipment and working capital.

The loans granted by the fund are intended for bank customers, small business owners members of the Manufacturers Association, and those who carry a letter of reference from the Manufacturers Association.

Koret Fund: Bank Hapoalim, a lender to small, growing business, together with Koret Israel Economic Development Funds, offers customers of all major banks micro-loans (of up to ILS 30,000), intended for the establishment and development of small businesses that have difficulties increasing their credit.

Bank Hapoalim is adamantly dedicated to assisting small, growing businesses in Israel. Therefore, the Bank provides small business owners a blanket of unique, diverse and attractive credit funds, tailored to a wide range of enterprises at various stages of activity and from different industries, and with minimal collateral. According to this model, Bank Hapoalim allows small enterprises to grow and expand their business activities.

* Lending conditions are detailed in the attached appendix. For additional information regarding the loan process, visit the Bank Hapoalim website.

This message or any of the information included in it or any of its appended documents are not to be interpreted as an obligation on the Bank’s behalf for providing credit. Any approval or denial of an application for a loan, in part or in full, is exclusively for the Bank’s consideration and will be executed in accordance with the Bank’s internal operating procedures. It is thus clarified that the Bank’s decision to provide a loan, in part or in full, is exclusively for the Bank’s consideration and subject to the fulfillment of all prerequisites as determined by the Bank, including the client’s signature on all paper and documents, in the wording and under the conditions required by the Bank. This article does not constitute a recommendation and/or offer and/or advice on providing or receiving credit. *Full details in the loan application and at Bank offices.
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