About the cooperation

The website “Doing business in Tel Aviv-Yafo” derives from the concept of “starting a business with one click.”

In an age when the internet provides us with a wide and diverse array of services and the entire world is only a mouse-click away, it is but natural to witness the rise of an online arena aimed at providing entrepreneurs and business owners with  the necessary information before making decisions related to business investments.

The information featured on the website is based on a variety of sources – governmental, municipal, and academic, as well as a number of private companies who provide essential information to entrepreneurs and business owners, each in its own field of expertise.

The project is the result of cooperation between the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, TheMarker, and Bank Hapoalim.

The website provides necessary information and services for those interested in starting and growing a business in Tel Aviv-Yafo: choosing the right location for your business, municipal tax calculator, an estimated rates for renting, acquiring and locating commercial assets, information on city planning programs and future development, producing the relevant forms and applying for opening a business through the municipality website, geographic information layers, GIS and 360° photography of your business.

Tel Aviv-Yafo Business Development Administration

The Business Development Administration acts as a liaison bureau for local businesses.

The Office operates on a strategic level and manages lateral projects and activities aimed at all local businesses. The Office was set up four years ago by Eliav Blizowsky and Eyal Shavit, who head it today.

The Office operates on three major planes:

  • Promoting and tightening relations with the business sector, while centralizing municipal resources available to local businesses.
  • Promoting innovative enterprises for stimulating economic activity in the city.
  • Preserving and promoting the city as a national and international financial center.

International Relations

In today’s globalized world, capital movements and free information abound. Municipalities across the planet are competing over these resources, which they utilize for their needs and for the welfare of their citizens, and over their positioning as a “world city.”

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has over 30 partner cities around the world.

The International Relations Unit brings synergy and coordination to international activities within city hall and operates in a number of fields:

  • Assembling an up-to-date, readily available database of international activities.
  • Importing technologies, policies, innovation and projects that take place in cities around the world.
  • Harnessing international resources, also through embassies in the city.
  • Assisting in promoting the city’s positioning, international fundraising and business partnerships.
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