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Doing Business in Tel Aviv-Yafo - The Tel Aviv Municipality presents: all the necessary tools and information for opening a business in the city.
Where should I start my business?
Road traffic or street traffic? Municipal tax rates or access to parking and main roads? Proximity to train stations or to residential areas? We recommend you to choose the best-fitting location for your next business.
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Select the relevant information and slide the scales to find the best-fitting location for your next business. The information will automatically appear on the map.
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4 Steps to Start a Business in Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Decided to start a business? Good luck! You are about to embark on one of the most fascinating periods of your life, with lots of gratification and quite a few challenges. Before signing a business contract, there are a few points you should look into. The service center for business, located at city hall, offers an array of services to help you plan, organize, and license your business. The center’s service representatives will happily assist you in obtaining preliminary…
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We are certain that your business will prosper, before you go ahead and win over the citizens of Tel Aviv, drop by city hall and make sure that your business meets all the rules and regulations. In other words, before starting your business, you must form a business plan based on the planning and building law, business licensing regulations, and general provisions. You may consult with the on-call engineer at the information center or make an appointment with a planning engineer to…
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As in any leading city in Israel and around the world, obtaining a business license in Tel Aviv is a necessity – in most cases. Whether you’re starting a new business, renewing an existing business license, transferring ownership, adding or removing a partner, changing names of business owners or company managers, applying fundamental changes to your business, or increasing or decreasing your property area, you will have to apply for a business license. We’ll be happy to…
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The business licensing law defines the conditions for obtaining a license, and the Tel Aviv Municipality issues various types of licenses accordingly, ranging temporary licenses to long-term licenses. During the issuance process you will be asked to provide various documents and pay the relevant fees, and we will be happy to assist you in successfully finalizing this process. Detailed information on the steps for issuing a business license can be found in the attached document. To begin…
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The data presented refer to the property tax property taxes by decree in 2014. Prices are valued and do not include workshops, banks and software houses
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